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Russian Grammar Lesson 41

Rusky Ed provides more information about participles in Russian.
читаемая (to read)
построенный (to build)
съеденная (to eat)
использованный (to use)
вязанный (to knit)

Книга читаемая ребёнок очень скучна.
(The book being read by the child is very boring.)

Мост построенный мужчинами крепкий.
(The bridge built by the men is strong.)

Птица съеденная котом была стара.
(The bird that was eaten by the cat was old.)

Лопата использованный мальчиком был сломался.
(The shovel used by the boy was broken.)

Свитер вязанный его женой был для младенца.
(The sweater that was knitted by his wife was for the infant.)