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List and Sounds



Nouns 07

This lesson covers the letters from the Russian alphabet that look and sound like their counterparts in English. These letters include the following five letters:

    А    К    М    О    Т

Additionally we will deal with the letter В.

An important distinction to realize is that the Russian alphabet when handwritten can take on an unexpected appearance. The six letters covered in this lesson are shown below in their hand-written form!

Notice that the all the letters appear more or less the way that you would expect, except for the Т (bottom middle letter in the picture), which looks a bit like an M from the point of view of an English speaker!

Words and Phrase:

АДРЕС (address)
КНИГА (book)
МОЛОКО (milk)
ОТВЕТ (answer)
ТУАЛЕТ (toilet)
ВОПРОС (question)
КАК ЭТО НАЗЫВАЕТСЯ (what is that called)
Я НЕ ПОНИМАЮ (I don't understand)