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List and Sounds



Nouns 08

This lesson covers the letters from the Russian alphabet that look like, but don't sound like their counterparts in English. The following letters are dealt with in this lesson:

      Е     Н     Р     С     У     Х

Here is what the letters covered in this lesson look like in their hand-written form!

Notice that these letters all look very much like their English counter-parts. However, keep in mind that they do not sound like their counter-parts from the English alphabet.

Words and Phrases:

ЕЖЕВИКА (blackberries)
НОСОК (sock)
РЕСТОРАН (restaurant)
СНЕГ (snow)
УТКА (duck)
ХОЛМ (hill)
У НАС ЕСТЬ ВРЕМЯ (we have time)
Я НЕ ЗНАЮ (I don't know)