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There are different variations of the Cyrillic character set used in different languages. Languages that use the Cyrillic character set include Russian, Ukranian, Bosnian, Serbian, Uzbek (Turkey), and Buryat (Mongolia). Here are the Russian letters and the Ukranian letters. Compare the two character sets:



Don't assume that just because a Russian letter looks the same as an English letter, that it makes the same sound. There are some Russian letters that sound the same as English letters (for instance, K, T, and M), but many don't sound the same (for instance, P, B, and X). To further complicate things, there are several characters used in Russian that are not used in English. So, pronunciation of a word in Russian can be a little tricky until you become familiar with Cyrillic.

Some Common Russian Words:

сахар sugar
яблоко apple
клубника strawberry
мальчик boy
гитара guitar
туалет toilet
дом house
не курить no smoking
почему why